Wood has always been associated with a high quality of life, and it is the perfect material for those who want a warm, welcoming and comfortable life. Wooden products have always been seen by people as the way to decorate and improve a house, and they are the perfect embodiment of both a link with tradition and the strive to constantly improve through the development of new techniques and technologies.


The company has grown steadily thanks to our dedication and professionalism. We now work in a complex of over 50000 m² (including an indoor space of 12000 m²), with 800 m³ of drying capacity and 2000 m³ of finished product ready for delivery. All of this makes Lamel Legno a reliable partner, ready to meet all its customers’ needs.

Our success is based on technology and efficiency: advanced, highly specialised production lines, equipped with automatic computerised quality control systems, which allow us to to create reliable, top-qualityproducts.

Lamel Legno carefully selects each supplier, and buys onlytop-quality raw materials. Our timber comes from various European, American and exotic forests, and it is processed with the most advanced cutting, drying and gluing techniques.


Respect for the enviroment has always been the key for Lamel Legno. We have a true commitment to corporate responsibility that allows the company to operate with pride in the areas of sustainability and enviromental protection.

Particular attention is given to energy savings through the implementation of a 430 KWp photovoltaic plant, with an annual reduction in emissions of about 300 tons of CO2 and the use of biomass as a substitute for conventional fuels.

Lamel Legno is ISO 9001 certified to ensure the manteinance and continuous improvement over time of the quality of its products and services.

Lamel Legno has obtained CATAS certification which ensures compliance of the gluing of its products with the requirements defined by official regulations.

Lamel Legno has obtained chain of custody (CoC) certification for the creation of products certified FSC and PEFC, which ensures the provenance of wood from forests managed in accordance with the standards to protect the enviroment and civil rights.


Umberto Sammartino
Umberto SammartinoCEO
Giuseppe Sammartino
Giuseppe SammartinoCEO
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Stefania MinichilloSales Manager
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Valeria CivicoAccount
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Gabriele Di iulioProduction Manager
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Luisana D'OnofrioSecretary