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Window scantlings

The window scantlings are made of three or more layers of dried, planed, selected and glued wooden lamelas. It ensures maximum stability combined with high quality and workability.
The use of the laminated scantling is the ideal technological solution for all wooden doors and windows, and allows the creation of high-quality manufactured items in a short time, with certainty on costs.

Technological features

DDD/DKD: Solid outside lamella, solid inside lamella or with two staves glued in widt

UNI EN 204 D4 standard
12% +/- 2%
Planed surface and clear cutted ends
Thickness 3-ply: 63-72 mm
Thickness 4-ply: 84-96 mm
Widths: 75-86-95-105-115-125-145 mm
Lengths: from 1000 to 5100 mm
Other sizes available on request