Door Scantlings

Product Description

Quality, speed and certainty on costs. Glulam for doors has the following components:

  • veneered profile for the doors
  • 2-layer profile for frames
  • solid edge-glued door panels
  • solid wood door mouldings
  • 3-layer sandwich panel for monoblock doors to be pantographed

Technical Informations


  • long H 2200 mm, short H 750 mm
  • 1) veneered size 45×118 mm A/A external lamellas: 4 mm, internal lamellas in the same wood, external stave min. 22 mm

  • size 44×120 mm A/C 2-layer
  • long H 2200 mm, short H 900 mm

  • thickness: 20/27 mm
  • length: 1840/1250/600 mm
  • width: 650 mm

  • size 22×75 mm
  • long 2400 mm, short 1200 mm

  • thickness: 44 mm
  • length: 2150 mm
  • width: 640/740/840/940 mm

Wood species available

American White Oak
Botanical name:
Quercus alba

Local names: White Oak

Names in other European countries: English (generic): Oak; Italian: Rovere Americano Bianco; German: Stieleiche, Traubeneiche; Spanish: Roble

Origin: Widespread throughout the eastern United States. The group of white oaks includes many species, of which about eight are marketed.

White oak is similar in color and appearance to European oak. The sapwood of American white oak is light-coloured and the heartwood is light to dark brown. White oak has mostly straight grain with more or less pronounced texture (medium to coarse) and longer medullary rays than red oak. White oak therefore has a higher-quality aspect.

Must be dried slowly; tendency to warp; some collapse and internal cracking.

Texture: Coarse
Grain: Fairly straight and regular
Average weight: 769 kg/m3
Shrinkage: Medium to high
Dimensional stability: Strong
Hardness: Medium to high
Compression strength: Average value: 52 MPa
Flexural strength: Average value: 106 MPa
Modulus of elasticity: Average value: 12,600 MPa
Shock resistance: Good
Flexibility: Fair
Durabilità: Good

Botanical name:
Lirìodendron Tulipifera L.

Local designations: Tulip wood, and, quite improperly given the great diversity of the Tulip Poplar and Yellow Poplar botanical characters.

Other European Countries designations: France: Tulipier; Germany: Tulpenbaum; UK American Whitewood.

Provenance: East Central Area of the United States, Great Lakes and the Mississippi Basin to the Atlantic coast, excluding Florida.

The white sapwood, sometimes variegated, is well distinct from the dark brown heartwood and greenish brown tinging sometimes in yellow, porporine, or blackish blue tones.

It dries easily at low temperatures.

Weaving: Medium and regular
Grain: Straight
Average Specific Weight: 447 kg/m3
Shrinkage: Medium to high
Dimensional stability: Medium
Durezza: Medium
Axial Compression resistance: mean Value 37 MPa
Bending strength: mean Value 70 MPa
Modulus of elasticity: mean Value 10.900 MPa
Impact Resistance: Low
Flexibility: Poor
Durability: Poor

American Ash
Botanical name:
Fraxinus excelsior L. and Fraxinus Ornus L.

Local designations: Fraissu, Lusa, Fersena, Frosso, Frascinu, Orniello

Denominations other European countries: French: Frene; English: Ash; German: Bait; Spanish: Fresno.

Provenance: in Italy and in Europe (excluding the northern end) present sporadically in the mixed hardwood formations, from the plain to the Middle mountain.

The sapwood of whitish yellowish color differs from the slightly darker heartwood: sometimes a central blackish zone appears, with irregular boundary (olive ash) presumably caused by fungal attacks. The radial surfaces appear of pearly gloss thanks to the numerous and very fine medullary rays.

The drying process is quite easy, but in its course there can be serious deformation: it is therefore necessary to proceed with prudence and at the end to undergo a good reconditioning to the saats.

Texture: Coarse
Grain: Fairly straight and regular
Average Specific Weight: 720 kg/m3
Shrinkage: Medium
Dimensional stability: Medium
Durezza: Medium
Compression strength: Average value: 51 MPa
Flexural strength: Average value: 106 MPa
Modulus of elasticity: mean Value 12.800 MPa
Shock resistance: Significant
Flexibility: Fair
Durability: Low to average

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