Illegal logging involves a number of serious economic, environmental and social critical issues. Not only do they cause massive loss of earnings, they also threaten biodiversity, increase greenhouse gases emissions, and are the cause of conflicts over control of lands and resources and the loss of power by indigenous communities.

To prevent and combat illegal timber trade in Europe, in 2010 EU set up a protocol to regulate the sector.

This regulation evolved in March 2013, becoming the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), which has been applied for all wood products and derivatives.

This regulation effectively prohibits the placing of illegally cut wood in all European countries and obliges companies to adopt an internal due diligence system. All the details were published on 6 July 2019 by European Commission.

The Due Diligence system consists of three topics: information, risk assessment and risk mitigation.

In accordance with the European Union (EU) Timber Regulation 995/2010, LAMEL LEGNO SRL wishes to inform our customers that all the timber purchased and processed in our plant complies with the “Due Diligence” aspects of the regulation.

The acquisition of the Chain of Custody certification reinforces sustainability commitments and some products can be purchased as FSC and PEFC certificates. All other non-certified woods comply with FSC controlled wood guidelines.